frequently asked questions

Read our frequently asked questions and answers:

This page holds the most frequently asked questions and answers that might be able to help you without having to get in touch with our support team. Please read through them all as we have thousands of customers just like yourself that have probably already asked the question before you.


  • Are there any restrictions who can play at

  • Which games are offered?

  • Are the games offered fair?

  • Can I play for fun and not real money?

  • Does have a license?

Live Casino

  • What is a live casino?

  • Does a live casino have opening hours?

  • Can I watch the live casino for free?

  • How do I know the live casino is live?

  • Can I play in the live casino for free?


  • I am having problem registering?

  • What is the process when opening an account?

  • Can I open multiple accounts with

  • Can support help me with questions about the game rules?


  • What kind of bonuses does offer?

  • What do I need to do to get the welcome bonus?

  • Can I cancel or even not get a bonus at all?

  • How do the so called wagering requirements work?


  • What is a cookie and how are they used?

  • Do I need to download the casino or other software to play?

  • Which software does the casino use that I need to download?

  • The rolls on the slot keep turning sometimes and do not stop?

  • While playing my game froze?

Customer Service

  • Is your support 24 hours a day available?

  • What is the best way to get in contact with a support agent?

  • Which language is spoken by your support team?

  • I still have a question that is not answered on this page, what do I do?


  • What is the best way to deposit?

  • What is the process for depositing?

  • What are verification documents and why do I need to send them?

  • I want to make a bank transfer, what are the bank details?

  • I would like to set limits, how does this work?


  • How do I withdraw?

  • How do I validate my account?

  • Are there any costs involved with withdrawing?

  • How long does it take before I receive the withdrawn funds?

Account Query

  • Can I see my old account transactions?

  • Does everyone need to be verified?

  • I have lost my password and/or username, what do I do?

  • Can I close my casino account?

Security Query

  • Are my credit card details safe when I use it to deposit?

  • What does do to ensure my details are safe?

  • How do I know my personal data is safe with you?