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Your privacy with

Your privacy is very important for and we see every need to keep your details private as well as what you do or do not do within the casino. We will never sell your details to a third party that does not belong to the same group of companies belongs to. To secure your privacy we have taken the utmost care in encrypting data and even when storing your data it is safe and secure. No employee without the correct access level will be able to see or even access any private data from players.

General Information does store information and use it to improve the overall experience for players. This data is never specific to one user but always seen as a whole. Every visitor on the site is tracked and followed whereby data is stored and used at a later stage for improvements. This is in the form of cookies which are used by the casino and is a small data file that is stored on the user’s device. There are no personal details to be found within the placement of a cookie and there is no way a player can be traced back to the placed cookie.

Personal information:

Any personal data collected by can be used for the following:

  • To offer a better gaming experience.
  • Better support functions and overall player support
  • Promotional activities such as personalized bonuses or offers.
  • Marketing in the widest form possible.

Casino marketing:

We at offer special bonuses on a regular basis that are not always for everyone but can be very player specific. If for any reason you do not wish to be contacted for these promotions then you can opt-out. To opt-out from our marketing go to the “My Account” section and go to your "profile" where you will see a thick box you can deselect. Because offers free bets or free spins from time to time we recommend you to not disable this thick box as you will no longer receive a chance to win for free!


Like most of the sites on the internet, makes use of cookies. This is a tiny file that is placed on your device by the site and allows us to a certain extent track what visitors are doing. This information can and will not be used for customer specific analysis but more for a general idea of what visitors do on the site. If you wish to turn off the acceptance of cookies then this can normally be found within the menu bar of your chosen browser. We do not advise this as the cookies we use cannot in any way harm your device and can only give us a better idea of how to improve your gaming experience.

Disclosing of information: will not disclose any of your personal information to third parties that do not belong to the same group of companies as, suppliers, Government agencies including but not limited to law enforcers and any other parties that have a need to know. Any disclosure will have to be done through the courts in the form of a court order or other legal document that requires disclose information about a certain customer.


On the site of you may find a hyperlink that takes you to another website of a third party. It is important to understand that this website may not have the same privacy policy as Visiting such a site is done at your own risk and can and will not in any way be held responsible for the content or information that can be found there.

Your own data:

Every customer has the full right to request the file we have which includes the data we have stored about them. This can only be done in writing with a letter addressed to the following address:, L&L Europe Ltd, 26 Ghar Id- Dud Street, SLM1573, Sliema, Malta.

Information over the internet:

When using the website it is important to understand that information is being transferred over the internet internationally and is used and stored by By using the site you acknowledge this and are aware of the risk that may be involved with international data transfer over de internet.