Responsible Gaming

Play responsibly:

Playing games of chance both online and offline can be very entertaining and a lot of fun. This does have its drawbacks as they can be addictive for some people and cause problems. For this exact reason it is very important that you, as a player, always have full control over your actions. has experience with this and has developed a few tools that can help you control your gaming activities. When you are logged in and visit your My Account section you can select Responsible Gaming where you will be able to find the following tools which can help:

  1. Deposit limit settings
  2. Set a limit on the time you can play on a daily basis
  3. Bet limit settings
  4. Loss limit settings

Any limits that have been set will be activated immediately and if these limits are increases at any time they will trigger a “seven day cool down” period. After seven days your limits are reset which enabled you to set new limits.

Initial limits:

After registering with your account will be set with a few standard limits that can be changed. Log into your account and go to the My Account section where you will find the option Responsible gaming, this is where you can set your limits. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that once a limit has been set it goes into effect immediately. This means that you should not set limits unless you want them to take effect immediately as they cannot be changed from our side and it can take up to seven days before they will be removed.

When making a withdrawal it is important to understand that needs to verify your identity. This has everything to do with the licenses we carry and anti-money laundering regulations. Going through the verification process is simple and painless as long as it is done in a secure way. At any given moment may require specific documents before we are allowed to continue to process your withdrawal request. Our highly trained support staff will request these documents by email and specify what documents are required.


As part of’s responsible gaming policy we offer a self-exclusion option which can be reached through the same Responsible gaming page under the My Account section. This is an option that can be used if you decide to close your account for whatever reason you may decide. It is just very important to understand the effect of this option and once you have closed your account forever it cannot be opened. So if you decide to use this option please do make sure you have no funds left on your account and that you are fully aware that you will never be able to play or even access your account ever again. If you feel that you just want to take break from gambling then please just choose the limit section of the site where you can set a 7 day or even one month limit on your account that you cannot play.


All support members of have been trained and educated to help you as a player. This support can come in various ways from explaining a procedure within the casino but also in helping you when it comes to responsible gaming. The support team runs across many different situations daily and can very often give good advice when it comes to explaining the casino procedure and gaming in a responsible way. If you have any doubt please get in touch with them as our goal is to have only satisfied customers who know their playing limits and will come back to to try their luck.

Do you have a problem?

As you may have been able to read already, it is vitally important to that we are here to help and advice when it comes to responsible gaming. The site has been created to offer entertainment and fun online but if this in any way has a negative effect on your personal life we suggest you have a better look at your playing habits. The following internet sites will be able to help you understand if you have a problem or are even at risk of having a problem in the future. These informative sites are not only for players that have a problem but for everyone that gambles as they hold a lot of useful information that can help now or even in the future.


Under Age Gambling:

It is not allowed to register an account and play at for those who are under the age of 18 years old. To make sure underage gaming does not take place at we carry out age verification checks. When underage gaming has been detected all winnings will be forfeited and we might report you to appropriate authorities.

For parents or guardians we can recommend third party software that will monitor or restrict access to gambling sites on the internet.

  1. Net Nanny filtering software protects children from inappropriate web content:
  2. GamBlock is a software which blocks access to gambling websites. A warning message will be displayed when a gambling site is detected and the browser will be shut down. This is also available for mobile and tablet:
  3. CYBERsitter filtering software allowing parents to add their own sites to block: